Equality in Gender, will make the whole World a Merry Splendour

We believe that to bring about any change, it's the first step that plays a crucial role. In this modernised era, all men and women are equal before the law, no one is less capable of achieving a goal.
There may be incidents, which make us feel weak, make us believe that it was all our fault, yet that's not true. Being a victim of sexual harrassment, mental or physical abuse isn't your fault. In fact, you are not a victim, instead you are strong, someone who deserves to walk with pride and shine up to great heights. Through this platform, we wish to counsel all those people who have experienced any such incident in their lives. We are here for you, what you need to believe is in self love and strength. Together we can make the world a better place to live in.



"Contented to be a part of this organization! I am delighted to see the outstanding work done by them. What I liked the most about them was their consistency and dedication to achieve their agenda. Kudos to everyone who put this together."


It's an opportunity to witness and being a part of such a valuable forum which talks openly about issues which have long been suppressed. The issue is certainly intriguing and I will always feel indebted for such a kind act. Freedom of speech was scripted as a Fundamental Right however the attainment of the right was not assured. Your dedicated approach will surely revamp stereotypical thoughts  and substitute it with the fragrance of nobility.


"Pleased to see such a great initiative by this organization. I deeply appreciate their efforts to address this issue. I am sure that their hard work and determination will bring about a tremendous change. It's such an honour to be a part of this!"

I must appreciate the initiative taken by you to raise such sensitive and less talked issues. I feel your valuable initiative is a forum for those who hesitate to put forward their voices freely.The themes and issues explored are inspiring to all.You're doing the most fulfilling job in the world.Keep up the good spirit. Good Luck!



See them not as a Boy or a Girl,

But a precious Gift, to shine as a Pearl

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