No Spamming

Make It Relevant

Please refrain from posting off-topic messages with unrelated content, with the intention of reaching users who would have otherwise not selected to intentionally consume such content.


No Trolling

Be Nice

Please refrain from deliberately addressing a forum user or users in such a way as to intentionally upset or frustrate them, through inflammatory, off-topic messages, or with the intention of disrupting normal discussions for personal amusement.


Quality Posts Only

Keep It Meaningful

Please read through all posts in each discussion before posting something on a message board. We strictly adhere to high quality standards at our forum, and we ask that users make sure each post is relevant and original.


No Personal Information

Don’t Overshare

For your own safety and for the safety of others, we ask that you avoid sharing personal information, as well as asking other users for their personal information, on this forum.


Motivate People

Give them Hope

Make others feel good about themselves.

Motivate and encourage those who had a rough past rather than having a pitiful approach.